Sunday Stories: Sutherland Doctors

Sutherland was privileged to have many Doctors practicing their medical technologies from the beginning of the village.

The first Doctor to be listed in the newspaper was Dr. McCabe who practiced here several days a week in 1897. Another Physician and Surgeon, Dr. Eves, with headquarters in Hershey, had an ad stating he would begin stopping in Sutherland on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. He was available at Blackmore’s Drug Store. His last ad appeared in 1901.

Dr. J. R. Merrifield, specialist in lenses for the eyes, had an ad January 1899, that he would be at the Sutherland Hotel on January 15. Consultation and examination free.

Dr. R. H. McCrosson was the first Dentist in town. His office was at the Sutherland Hotel in April 1899.

Other Doctors who served this area between the years 1902 and 1907 were Dr. F. W. Kruse, Dr. D. J. Hall and Dr. W. W. Covell.

In September 1907, Dr. Kruse leased the Etchison cottage planning to have a private hospital. It was to accommodate four patients. Another Doctor here at that time was Dr. B. C. Elms who had an office in one of Thomas’ buildings on Front Street.

In September 1909, Dr. Paul R. Silberts purchased the practices of both Dr. Kruse and Dr. Elms. In 1913, he moved his office to the rooms above the old Post Office.

Dr. E. J. Porter, Physician and Surgeon was also practicing here in 1913. Dr. Porter moved to Elsie, Nebraska in 1919.

In the newspaper dated December 11, 1913, Dr. G. O. Gordon, M.D. purchased the practice of Dr. Silbert who moved to Omaha.

Dr. Warrick, eye, ear, nose, throat, and eyeglasses specialist traveled through Sutherland for several years during 1917-1919. His main office was located in Hastings, Nebraska.

Others who maintained a practice in Sutherland between 1917 and 1919, were Dr. D. W. Vanderhoof, Dr. Anderson and Dr. J. C. Wilson.

In February 1921, Dr. W. A. States, Chiropractor, moved his office from Ogallala, rented two rooms in the telephone building, and began practice here.

Also during the year 1921 two other Doctors came to Sutherland. Dr. G. C. Rice, who came from Bayard, had his office in the Chaussee Hotel. Dr. Charles F. Heider, M.D. of Elm Creek also moved his office to the first door west of the Farmers State Bank.

Dr. Heider installed the first X-Ray machine, or as it was referred to in the newspaper, “a 100 volt 60 cycle stabilized fluoroscope and radiographic machine” in early 1922.

Other Doctors who were in Sutherland for a few years were Dr. C. N. Moore who purchased Dr. G. O. Gordon’s practice in November 1922. Dr. Gordon and family left for their new home in Bellflower, California.

In September, 1923, we find that Dr. R. J. Streigle and Dr. Lucille McConnell opened offices located in the Sutherland Drug Company. Dr. Striegle was a specialist in children’s diseases. The Doctors Striegle and McConnell practiced in Sutherland until late 1925 at which they left for Rochester, Minnesota, where they were to take special training at the Mayo Brothers Hospital. Dr. A. C. Schoch of North Platte took charge of their practice.

Dr. L. F. Stater, Chiropractor opened her office on May 10, 1924 in the rooms over the Courier office. She practiced in Sutherland until August 1926 at which time she attained a position with a clinic in Omaha.

Dr. Coy V. States rented rooms on the second floor of the telephone building in September 1926 for his Chiropractic office. He was open on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays each week.

Also in September 1926, Dr. and Mrs. Scott Wisner of Hummeston, Iowa came to Sutherland and rented a building four doors west of the Farmer’s State Bank. In October he started his practice in his home two doors west of the Presbyterian Church. Dr. Wisner was an Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon. Dr. States, Dr. Wisner, and Dr. Heider all moved to North Platte in early 1927, where they continued their separate practices for many years.
Dr. Ralph S. Russell first came to Sutherland in September 1927, joining Dr. Heider just prior to his move to North Platte. In late 1931 he moved his office to the McKinley building. Dr. Russell built the original hospital located on Maple Street where the present clinic is. Dr. Russell practiced in Sutherland until July 1940 at which time he and his family moved to California.
In 1928, we find Dr. F. H. Shambaugh who practiced here until September 1936 at which time he moved to Kimball,Nebraska.
Dr. Harlan E. Moore came to Sutherland in July, 1940 when Dr. Russell left. 

Dr. Richard A. Fleebe became associated with Dr. Moore in May 1946 and 
Dr. John C. Baker in December of 1952. Dr. Fleebe passed away in March 1955. 
Dr. Sam Blattspielier moved to Sutherland to join the staff at the hospital in August 1956, and moved to Mullen in December 1957. Dr. Hyel H. Moss came in July 1958. Dr. Baker accepted the position of Assistant Medical Director of the American United Life Insurance Co. of Indianapolis, Indiana, and left the Sutherland Clinic on May 1, 1964. 
Following the death of Dr. Moore, Dr. Richard Maxwell came to Sutherland in 1964. Dr. Bill Hoewing joined him in practice in July 1965.

Note: In researching more information on this, I found the obituary for Dr. Moore, which states he died suddenly in his office at the Sutherland Hospital on August 9, 1964. One of his pall bearers was listed as Paul Maxwell, but Connor White took his place. 
In researching Paul Maxwell, I found that he  was a lab technician at the Sutherland Hospital and died suddenly on August 11, 1964 at the age of 53. UPDATE: His son, Dr. Richard Maxwell, returned to Sutherland to take over the hospital. Dr. Maxwell died while moving cattle in the wilderness area of Idaho in 1986 at the age of  49. He is buried in Idaho. (Thank you to his nephew for providing this updated information.

Drs. Pham and Tran practiced here for several years, leaving in April 1979 when 
Dr. Dan Nguyen took over the clinic. He still practices in Sutherland and North Platte.


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