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America is baking again! Stores are running out of flour!

Back in the day, when food production was more localized, nearly every community had access to a flour mill within a short distance of their home. These would be commercial mills, producing flour for sale, but farmers could also bring in their own wheat to be ground for their family's use.
Neligh Mills
Several mills still exist in Nebraska, and are mostly tourist attractions. Neligh Nebraska is the home of Neligh Mills,
Champion Mill today

and in western Nebraska the tiny community of Champion still preserves the Champion Mill.
Here in Nebraska we are blessed with the Wauneta Roller Mills, where we can find flour made from locally sourced hard red winter wheat, which are packaged into unique cloth bags!
You can order your own online!
But be patient... like other flour producers nationwide, they are experiencing lots of orders, so it may take longer than normal.

What could be better than making nutritious, delicious homemade bread with hand crafted flour sourced from a quaint Nebraska small town?


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