With my post about the 101 year old building being torn down in downtown Sutherland, I have been spending a lot of time reading through our local history book. It was published in conjunction with the centennial of our town in 1991. I've owned the book for years and periodically looked up something of interest to me in it, but never really took the time to sit down and read the stories of the families and businesses in our area.

What a treasure this book is. Actually, I own four such books, the one about Sutherland, one about Lincoln County, one about McPherson County, and one about the Sandhills community of Arnold. I also own smaller pamphlets, one about the small rural school I attended, one about the community of Brownville, and one about the O'Fallons community. I've just been fortunate to have been the recipient of them over the years, mostly found by my mother at auctions.

I can't thank the folks who went to so much trouble to edit these books enough. And those who took the time to write the stories of their personal families and submit them. They are treasure troves of local history.

I've decided I'm going to start a series called "Sunday Stories" and write a blog post each Sunday featuring a story from one of these books. My goal isn't to plagiarize these important works, but to give the stories a wider readership. By their very nature, these books had a very limited publishing run, and many of these stories are unknown outside of our local community.

I hope you will find these as fascinating and thought-provoking as I do.

To give credit where credit is due, here are the folks who worked so hard to make these books possible:

McPherson County: Facts, Families, Fiction; Established in 1890
History Book Committee: Nona Moore, Eva Correll, Hazel Haase, Kathleen Fisher, Katrina Fisher, Marjorie Finley, Virgil Graham, Oneeta Neal, Dorothy Kramer, Grace Miller, Helen Trumbull, Betty Schroeder, Maudene Sowders.

Sutherland Centennial: 1891-1991
Editing Staff: Linda K. Tacey, Gene R. Tacey, Marilyn Humphrey, Charles J. Humphrey.
Writers: Marilyn Humphrey, Linda and Gene Tacey, Claudia Eberly, Deloris Crosby, Betty Tidyman, Vernon Thomsen, June Holm, Judy Coker, Irene Seifer, Michele Kalin, Frank Fleecs, Norma Fleecs, Altha Babbitt, Sandy Thompson, Ray Goedert, Dennis Thompson.
Proofreaders: Linda and Gene Tacey, Charles Humphrey, Irene Seifer and Esther Walbert.
Typists: Marilyn Humphrey, Linda and Gene Tacey, Claudia Eberly, Betty Tidyman, Irene Seifer, Nadine Thompson, Barbara Rotert, Carol Brobert, Mrian Merrill, Pam Seiler.
Additional Assistance: Russ and Norma Masters, Avis Danielson, Debby McIlnay, Lucille Shoup, Bonnie Reichenberg, Sandy Nelson, Mabel Shepherd, James and Gail Applegate, Mary Wruble, Gladys Thomas, Betty Beatty, Roseilyn Kennedy, Floyd  & Phyllis Paulman, Beulah Callihan, Caroline Gant, Neva Moore, Iola Eckhoff, Ruth Crockett, Muriel Aden, and others who helped in a variety of ways.

One Hundred Years on the South Loup: A History of the Arnold Community from 1883 - 1983
Compiled by Nora Hall Mills

Pictorial Atlas, Lincoln County Nebraska
Compiled 1969 by Title Atlas Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota

You'll see the first of these posts on Sunday, November 18.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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