Sunday Stories: Carl and Betsy Danielson Family

I love this story, because it shows that romance was alive and well in the lives of our ancestors, and also highlights some of the difficulties that can be encountered when tracing your family tree - especially when names were changed in the lines at Ellis Island.

Excerpted from the Sutherland Centennial 1891 – 1991, published in 1991.

The history of the Carl and Betsy Danielson family is partly due to the research of cousin, Marcey Danielson Bashford, who traced our family back to Fredrich Christian, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, Count of Daneshjold in the 17th century Sweden. The Sutherland Centennial offered the opportunity to trace our family back two generations and forward two generations for a total of 133 years.

Carl Johan Danielson was born March 14th, 1858, at Torsaker, Gavleborg, Sweden. He spent two years in the military service in Sweden where he received training in woodworking.

Brita Stina Blom was born May 24th, 1859 at Ockelbo, Sweden. Carl built a wooden hope chest for the Blom family. When he delivered it, he noticed the way Brita was admiring it. The next week Carl delivered a miniature jewelry box which was a replica of the hope chest. Carl and Brita were married in the village of Abotorpen, parish of Ockelbo, Sweden on June 24th, 1881. Esther Walbert has the hope chest which brought he grandparents belongings to America. It is 109 years old (1991).
Carl and Betsy Danielson (Carl Johan Danielson and Brita Stina Blom Danielson)
In 1882 they embarked to America from Goteborg, Sweden. At Ellis Island, New York, Brita Stina Blom changed here Swedish name to the American name Betsy Christine. Carl Johan shortened his name to Carl John. The couple moved on to Waukegan, Illinois where they resided for three years before moving to Wahoo, Nebraska for seven years.

The Danielsons moved to Sutherland, Nebraska in 1892. Carl John was a master carpenter when they arrived in Sutherland. He either built, or helped build most of the original town proper, including the Lutheran Church, the Methodist Church, the library, the school, homes of the local gentry, and the family home at 620 First Street.

Carl John was an avid reader and had a library of over 500 books in the attic of their home. 

Grandmother was deeply religious and read her Swedish Bible daily. They refused to teach the grandchildren Swedish, saying they were Americans. The family belonged to the Lutheran Church.
Carl John died September 12th, 1926. Betsy Christine died January 1st, 1936. Both are buried in the Sutherland Cemetery.

Ernest Albert, the oldest child, was 10 years old when the family came to Sutherland. He was one of 12 children, four of whom died in infancy. Ernest was born May 29th, 1882 in Gailsburg, IL. Arthur was born November 5th, 1884; Carl was born November 17th, 1886; Mable was born May 6th, 1888; Teckla was born October 15th, 1890; Alfred was born October 28th, 1892; Victor was born February 25th, 1896; Lillian was born December 16th, 1897.


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