Sunday Stories: Timeline 1950 - 1990

Excerpts from Sutherland Centennial, 1891-1991.

May 1950 – Census results show population of Sutherland at 875.
February 2, 1950 – Local residents, Will Winter, received the Carnegie Hero citation for his part in saving two lives in a hunting accident at Lake McConaughy in November of 1948.
June 20, 1957John G. Townsend was named “Father of the Year” by the Nebraska Cow Belles.
September 25, 1958 – The First Security Bank was robbed at gunpoint by two men. The employees and one customer were locked in the vault until released by a local resident. The culprits were later caught in the Sandhills.
November 13, 1958 – Construction has started on the new sewer system in Sutherland.
May 1960 – Census figures show the current population of Sutherland at 870.
October, 1961 – Several graves were discovered on the George Crosby farm southwest of Sutherland. It was believed they were the remains of a pioneer family named Allen who had once lived at this location.
June 24, 1965A record flood of the South Platte River inundated the Sutherland area. A large amount of crops were ruined.
May, 1970 – Population of Sutherland is shown to be 840.
July 16, 1970 – An open house has been set for the opening of the new low-rent housing project named Sandy Acres.
January 25, 1972 – Construction has started on a new Fire Hall for the city.
June 1, 1973 – The Sutherland Swimming Pool is opened for the first time.
October 18, 1975 – Six members of the Henry Kellie family are found slain in their home. Charles Simants is later arrested and convicted of the crime. The conviction is overturned and he is found not guilty by reason of insanity in a later trial. He is confined in a state mental institution.
March 9, 1978 – The Sutherland School is evacuated following a bomb threat. No bomb is discovered.
May 1980 – Population from census figures show 1238 residents.
August 12, 1982 – Scope Cable Television is granted a franchise to install cable TV in Sutherland.
April 14, 1988 – The swimming pool and baseball diamond park area is named the Mainard Coker Memorial Park in memory of long time businessman and resident Mainard Coker.
May 1990 – Census figures show the population of Sutherland at 1032.
May 2000 – Census figures show the population of Sutherland at 1129.
May 2010 – Census figures show the population of Sutherland at 1286.


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