Sunday Stories: Harshfield Ranch Wild West Show

During the 1920’s several “Wild West Shows were held at the Harshfield Ranch on the Birdwood Creek in a canyon the family still calls “Round-up Canyon.”
These “Old Range Round-ups” (Known in 1921-22 as Platte River Round-up) that lasted three or four days, and included such events as rodeos (rough riding, roping and bull dogging), dances, an Indian attack on an emigrant wagon train, chuck wagon meals, etc. 

Indians from the Rosebud Reservation were brought down to take part in the show (performing as Ogallala Sioux Indians); they staged dances and performances of their own to entertain the spectators. 

People came and camped near the show grounds at Roundup Canyon. 
This show was held in a “natural arena” on the south side of the creek, east of the ranch headquarters. 
There were no bleachers, parking stalls, chain link fences; the spectators sat on the ground up on the side hills and enjoyed the many different re-enactments of “Life in the Old West.” 
Managers of the events were John Harshfield, Secy/Treas, and Col. W. J. Taylor.

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