Why Cheap Nebraska Homes?

You may be asking yourself - why is the Outback Nebraska page suddenly touting cheap Nebraska homes?
As a tourism professional, I am inundated with articles and information about people's reactions across America to the Covid-19 crisis. Much of what we're hearing is that people are finding out several things: 
  1. Many jobs can be done from ANYWHERE, given high speed Internet access. 
  2. Being quarantined in a big city is not a lot of fun! 
  3. Small towns and rural areas, for a variety of reasons, are affected by the crisis to a lesser degree.

Nebraska has what people seeking communities with smaller populations, lower cost of living and slower lifestyles need. These folks seeking a change have what Nebraska needs - themselves!
Some of the homes may be move-in ready, some may need a little work, some may need A LOT of work. What they all have in common is that they are great alternatives to expensive, cramped big city living!
I have been to all of the little communities I am showcasing in the Cheap Nebraska Homes posts. I love our small towns, but the bare, hard truth is that they are struggling! Our main streets are often sad and derelict! More people living there can help change that.
By bringing the two together, we can create a positive situation for both!


  1. I'd love to live in Nebraska. We fell in love with Broken Bow last summer and I'm pretty sure all four of us would be willing to live there!

    1. That is wonderful! Broken Bow is an incredible community, and so centrally located - with loads of wide open spaces surrounding it! Plus... one of my favorite breweries in the world!


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