Don't Miss this little Nebraska Gem - Holdrege

We have had several opportunities recently to visit Holdrege, Nebraska. Last summer on a south east and central camping trip, late last fall on a brewery tour, over Christmas for a relative's nearby wedding, and most recently, on a wedding dress shopping trip to the nearby community of Loomis.
Phelps County Courthouse in Holdrege
We truly do need to spend more time in this beautiful area of Nebraska. Holdrege itself is a thriving community. The current population is 5,555, down from a high of 5,671 in 1990. Holdrege was founded in 1883 and is the seat of Phelps County. The entrances to the community, both from the north on 183, and from the east and west on 6/34 and 23 are industrial yet well-kept and pleasant. While there are some vacant store fronts in the downtown area, for the most part, there are a good variety of shops, dining and entertainment establishments.
A line waiting for great Lost Way Brewery craft beer!
The economy of the area is varied, which probably accounts for its steady population and healthy business community. Two of Holdrege's largest employers are manufacturing firms, three are healthcare organizations, and the public schools, county government and the agricultural cooperative are all also on the list.
A flight of great craft beer celebrating Nebraska at Lost Way Brewery
But, what generally brings us to town is great craft beer! The Lost Way Brewery opened in November of 2017, and we've had the opportunity to lift a few pints there on a number of occasions. Craft brewing stories are always inspiring, and this is true of the stories behind Mark and Jessica Kraus and Jason and Kimberly Hines, the founders of Lost Way. All have experience living and working in many other locations across the U.S., yet they found their way to Holdrege, Nebraska and felt they were home! Holdrege is richer for having these young couples in town.
Sun Glo Dairy - now the Lost Way Brewery, breathing new life into an empty building in Holdrege! Photo courtesy of Nebraska Prairie Museum.
Entrance hall of Taste of Texas BBQ in Holdrege
You'll have to eat while you're in town, and we highly recommend the Taste of Texas BBQ. No matter where you are from, when you step inside, you'll be envious that your hometown doesn't have an establishment like this. The atmosphere is wonderful, and the food, including the bbq, is delicious with very generous portions.
Dining room in Taste of Texas BBQ
Bar area in Taste of Texas BBQ
So what else might you do while in Holdrege? There is certainly enough to fill a weekend or longer!
Street scene in the Nebraska Prairie Museum. Photo from
A visit to the Nebraska Prairie Museum may be in order. This museum is rated 5 out of 5 stars by more than 40 reviews on Facebook. One of the exhibits that visitors may find unique is the POW Interpretive Center. Nebraska hosted many prisoner of war camps during World War II, and this exhibit tells their story and those of the communities impacted by the camps.
The Tassel Performing Arts Center. Photo from
Catching a performance at the Tassel Performing Arts Center should also be on your list. This is an incredible facility for a town the size of Holdrege. It seats more than 800 people and regularly hosts events such as theatrical performances, concert attractions, lectures, dinners, and meetings.
Lake Seldom Wetlands just south of Holdrege - perfect for birdwatching. Photo courtesy of
Holdrege makes the perfect hub while exploring south central Nebraska. Nearby you'll find the Harlan County Lake, numerous golf courses, birdwatching opportunities, hunting and fishing. If you're traveling with children, the city itself boasts two wonderful parks, a swimming complex with water slides, and the YMCA Of The Prairie.

When you go, check out these websites for information and ideas:
City of Holdrege official government website
Holdrege Chamber of Commerce
Visit Phelps County


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