Know Nebraska: Lazy RW Whiskey Distillery in Moorefield, Nebraska

Moorefield is a tiny town! You pretty much have to go there on purpose to find your way there. It is located on the "HiLine", which is Highway 23 across south central Nebraska, just east of Curtis and west of Farnam. It's easy to pass right by it, as it's super tiny - just 32 people in the 2010 census.

Our reason for visiting Moorefield was to do a tasting and purchase some whiskey at the Lazy RW Distillery. If there's one good reason to find your way to Moorefield, it is to go to this incredible distillery.
 Thankfully the distillery has a new lighted sign. Early in 2016 when we made our visit there, we drove by the former Moorefield school several times before realizing that it was the home of the Lazy RW Distillery!
It is worth the effort to find your way inside! What an incredible story of rural entrepreneurship! According to their story on their website: "Lazy RW Distillery was founded in August of 2015, by father and son team Bill and Todd Roe.  What started out as a fascination with old journals from a Great Uncle, who operated a still on the Niobrara River in prohibition days, has now become a fully licensed whiskey distillery located in Moorefield, Nebraska.  We are very proud of the slow process we use to make our whiskey the quality product we produce.  With Nebraska corn, Nebraska vendors, and three featured products (Straight Corn Whiskey, Cinnamon Flavor Whiskey, and Lemon Flavored Whiskey) we have followed our Uncle's notes to a tee.  We are a small distillery with huge standards of quality.  We look forward to providing a high-end product for many years to come."

One of the things that I love about local businesses is the pride they have in their home towns, and the value they bring to their communities. Yes, entrepreneurship is important everywhere, and a small business in Lincoln contributes to their economy, but a small business in a town of 32 people has an out-sized importance!
Not only do they provide economic stimulus, but they provide a special place for locals to gather together - doubly so if the business makes and serves whiskey!
You will notice throughout this blog post you won't see any photos of the actually distilling room. Though we were able to tour the room, Photos of stills aren't allowed per whatever federal agency governs such matters!
Lazy RW makes three products: Frontier Straight Whiskey, Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey and Lemon Flavored Whiskey, all as close to the original recipe created in the 1920 prohibition era bootleg culture of the founder's great-uncle.
Be sure to call ahead so that you have the opportunity to enjoy a formal tasting with the founder.
He is justifiably proud of the products they create.

 And they love their tiny community of Moorefield!

When you go: The actual street address is 519 South Ash St., Moorefield NE 69039. Look for the former school and the new lighted sign. Call ahead! You don't want to miss out on your chance for a tasting! 308-660-2728​, 308-530-1800 or you can email


  1. Tasted tonight at Louis Liquer in Norfolk. ....loved it! Making a trip!

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