Know Nebraska: Ogallala's Front Street

Ogallala's Front Street Steakhouse and Crystal Palace Saloon is a Nebraska treasure, one that we're very fortunate to live near enough to visit frequently.

Growing up, our family made it a point to visit Front Street every summer, a tradition we've tried to keep up with our own families. It is a favorite to take visitors to, including our grandchildren (Who, as you can see, enjoy it immensely).
It's made all the easier to be excited to go to the show now that our niece is in her third year as part of the cast.
The Revue at the Crystal Palace Saloon is the longest running summer stock theater in Nebraska. The summer of 2016 will mark their 54th year of entertaining visitors.

In 2015, Front Street was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Though the owners are in their 80's, they have worked hard to keep the place up. It's been under one ownership since a group of investors came together to create it in 1964. Front Street pays homage to Ogallala's reputation of being the end of the trail for Texas cattle drives in the 1870's.

Front Street has been for sale since 2010. When it failed to attract a buyer, the owners decided to go the auction route in 2013. However, that failed to generate an offer. Now, a group of investors have come together to purchase the iconic tourist attraction, It's a unique situation in which they are hoping to raise the money to purchase the business and keep it open, saving it for the community and for posterity, all the while, hoping that a permanent buyer will come along.

Front Street attracts 50,000 visitors each year, so c'mon and join us down at Front Street (anyone who has ever been to the stage show will understand that!) and be a part of the Nebraska Tourism Industry. You know you've been looking for that unique opportunity, and this certainly is that!


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