Know Nebraska: Paxton's Meats and More

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in Paxton. Earlier I blogged about Anne Marie's, and of course, there is the iconic Ole's Big Game Lounge and Windy Gap Saloon.

New to the small business landscape of Paxton is Meats and More Country Store.
This is the kind of shop I love to find when traveling (although, in this case, I didn't need to travel, as it's located only about ten miles down the road). I would never drive past a shop like this when I was road tripping. Sadly, though it has been open since April, this is the first time I stopped in! It's a travesty, and I plan on rectifying the situation by becoming a regular customer!
Inside this old-west looking business, you'll find a cafe with breakfast burritos, deli sandwiches (all made with ONLY the homemade meats and cheeses produced by this shop), and snacks.
You'll also find a large assortment of Nebraska made products, most coming from the local area.
There are also coolers full of meats, cheeses, jerky and homemade pies for purchase.
Off to the side is this cute little eating area where you can sit down and eat your meal or gather with friends.
I had a delicious panini grilled sandwich, and would definitely go back for more!
Now tell me, who wouldn't want to stop at a store like this? If you ever drive by and see horses tied up to the hitching rails, you'd better stop!
Inside, you'll also find a small, but extremely high quality selection of gift items.

If you ever find yourself on a Lincoln Highway road trip in western Nebraska, or are in Paxton to enjoy a delicious meal at Ole's Big Game Lounge or the Windy Gap Saloon, or are overnighting at the Paxton Days Inn, it is worth your while to check out Meats and More Country Store.


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