Winter Storm Kayla

Brrr! Last week's winter storm dumped a record amount of snow in our area, and something we just aren't used to. Road crews struggled in the high winds to keep the roads open, but lost the battle and many stretches were closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Thankfully temperatures in the mid 30's created a crust on the snow as the high winds of the past couple of days would have caused more trouble. As it was, some Sandhill roads were treacherous once again. The good news is... Spring is coming up on March 20!

As the storm was beginning on Monday, it was a beautiful snowfall. Large fluffy flakes falling peacefully.

That had changed by Monday night when the flakes were tiny and driven by a hard wind.

On Tuesday, at the height of the storm, the drifts were starting to mount up.
By Wednesday morning, the day dawned bright and sunny... and still.

Thankfully Mark was able to deal with the 4' drift in front of the garage.

The wind-driven snow made beautiful sculptures.

Thankfully Wednesday was Mark's rest day, and he played on his tractor for most of the day, scooping out family, friends and neighbors.


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