Scenic Nebraska: Winter Road Trip

Saturday dawned drizzly, foggy and COLD! What better combination for a road trip?
We took off north out of Sutherland, and the frost on the trees was spectacular! Too bad there wasn't any good light to make the photos "pop".
Just north of the Birdwood Creek, the hoar frost on the Yucca plants was very pretty.
Farther along, the wind-driven hoar frost made the fences quite spectacular.

We came back on the Paxton road, not knowing if the Sarben road would have been passable or not, then detoured through Sarben, where we found some Bald Eagles in the trees at the North Platte River.
There is one more Bald Eagle way down the river on the bottom left of the photo. He must smell bad or something.

We drove around through Sarben, which, admittedly, doesn't take very long. This building, back in the day was the General Store. We found the site of the hotel, which had been torn down in the '80's, but couldn't locate where the Depot had stood.
 Farther on we encountered some cold, but friendly cows. As we stopped on the road, it seemed they thought we might have treats for them, but they were disappointed.

Nearly home, we were trying to figure out what the big white lumps in the corn field were.
 It turns out they were swans, accompanied by a few geese.
 All told, there were about ten swans, and innumerable geese.
Three hours and 60 or so miles later, and we were back home, in time to stoke the fire and spend a cozy evening in the house.


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