Know Nebraska: Lincoln Highway, North Platte to Lodgepole

As President of the Nebraska Lincoln Highway Historic Byway, I love to drive the road and promote it whenever I have the opportunity. Recently the Board of Directors traveled to Lodgepole for their bi-monthly meeting. It turned out to be an unseasonably beautiful December day, perfect for taking pictures along the way. Enjoy this road trip from North Platte to Lodgepole!

Reproduction Lincoln Highway concrete marker in Hershey.
Buffalo along the Lincoln Highway just east of Sutherland.
Service station and public art in Sutherland.
Meats and More country store in Paxton, right on the Lincoln Highway.
Newly renovated depot in Paxton, now Anne Marie's coffee and gift shop.
Of course, Paxton is also the home of Ole's Big Game Lounge and the Windy Gap Saloon, but those places get a lot of press, so I passed them by on this trip.
Roscoe Lincoln Highway frontage.
Ogallala's Front Street (yes, it's for sale).
Ogallala's Spruce Street Station.
Brule City Park on the old Lincoln Highway.

California Hill historic marker just east of Big Springs.
Big Springs Phelps Hotel.
Waterman Sod House and Sam Bass Train Robbery historical markers in the Big Springs Park.
Downtown Chappell Street Corner.
You've now traveled nearly 90 miles on the historic Lincoln Highway through western Nebraska. I didn't get to spend nearly enough time in each community to truly explore, but that will have to wait for another day. Stay tuned for more travels.


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