Sunday Stories - Legacy

This is something different for a Sunday Story. I have been watching with fascination as a contractor has been renovating my Grandma Seifer's home in Sutherland. She moved to town after the death of my Grandfather, Fred. According to the family history, which you can find HERE, she was sixteen and he in his 40's when they married. As you can imagine, she was a widow for many years, from the late 1950's until her death in 1984.

The tiny cottage she lived in suited her just fine. She raised a huge garden and baked many a pie in her old-fashioned kitchen. After her death, the house became a rental unit and had fallen into serious disrepair. It has now been given new life.

Though the interior is unrecognizable, from the outside, I think it still shouts quaint, small town living! See for yourself.
Morning glory vines used to trail up the front porch
Looking from the kitchen to the front door
The dining room
It even has barn doors in the bedroom!
There's nothing old-fashioned about this kitchen now!
Back in Grandma's day, this shed was her wash house.
Here was where she raised a huge garden.
This is a perfect ending to the story. Her home will be home to families for generations to come! Want to make it your home? You can view the listing HERE:


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