Know Nebraska: Maureen's Kitchen in Brady

Recently to prepare for an upcoming travel writer tour, we did a whirlwind windshield tour of the route to better get a grasp on the timing. We had the amazing good fortune to be in Brady, Nebraska at lunch time and stopped at Maureen's Kitchen.

Wow! You have GOT to try this place - EVERYTHING is homemade, including the bread for the sandwiches!
This is a bacon cheese meatloaf sandwich on homemade white bread, which was the lunch special on March 26th.
As you can see, the menu isn't very expansive, but it is all made with care and is delicious! Not a mass-produced, frozen, deep fried item to be found.
The restaurant is at 118 N. Market Street, and is open 6am to 2pm Tuesday through Saturday, and 9am to 2pm on Sunday serving their breakfast menu and one lunch special.
As an added bonus, also in the same building is the Third Season Boutique, which offers flowers, inspirational and local author/interest books, boots, and bling for yourself and your home! They donate 10% of their sales back to their community.
Maureen's is definitely one of those treasures you hope to find when sampling a small town diner.


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