Little House on the Prairie

It has been a long time since I've posted any progress on the restoration of my grandparent's homesteading cabin in the Sandhills. We've finally made some further progress, so I thought I'd share.
One of the biggest sticking points has been the windows. There was only one intact window (out of 6) in the house. We've been covering them with plastic each year, but they would go weeks or months with torn plastic and critters getting in, not to mention the dirt.
We also don't have the budget to replace the windows with actual double-hung windows, so we've come up with an inexpensive solution. We purchased storm windows to cover the openings.
It was quite a job, but with only six windows, and a beautiful winter day to do it it was a great afternoon.
On the inside, we simply removed the broken windows and all of the trim. The deep sills can be used for plants or kitties to sit.
For the first time in several decades, the cabin has intact windows. It isn't a permanent solution, and was very inexpensive, but at least the cabin is secure from critters and dirt, so the next time we clean, it will stay a little bit longer!
There is still a lot of work to do before the cabin is the snug cottage in the hills that I envision, but we are another step closer.

To see where it all began, check out this post from 2009:

Crazy? Not us!

And a little further progress, here is from 2010:

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

As you'll see from the 2010 post, we primed it that year, but have never had the funds for paint. It's now time to reprime and actually paint.


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