Winter Wednesday

The forecast was calling for winds gusting to 45 and up to an inch of new snow. What better day for a Sandhills road trip? Our route took us on some roads we had never traveled before, and the great thing is, we can do it all over again in good weather and it will all be new - since the visibility remained zero much of the time!
Just east of Keystone on the Sarben-Keystone road (or Nevens Road), the snow began just after 1pm Central time. The horses put their backs to the wind to weather the storm.
 We turned north out of Keystone on the Keystone-Roscoe road. An old wooden windmill standing alone in the field.
Red white faced cows on a hillside.
A grove of trees, probably planted as a tree claim from a Kinkaid homesteader.
A ranch sign - obviously a wrong turn - so we turned around!
Though there was little to no accumulation on the road, the blowing snow caused whiteout conditions.
We got back on to the highway about 20 miles north of Ogallala and decided we needed a break so we stopped at Sands Edge. Here is a view out the window.
It's too cold to leave even our foot prints at Lake McConaughay, but it's good to see water (or ice) up to the sign.
Yes, that is Lake Mac out there.
Down below the dam on the Lake Ogallala side, it is a picturesque view on the road to the Eagle Viewing site.
A lone bunny in the snow at the Eagle viewing site - bet he's hoping he won't be dinner for a hungry Eagle. The site closes at 2pm, so we missed our chance!
On the road back through Keystone. I believe the Bank of Keystone has a new location on the highway toward Arthur so this building is now vacant.
The Main Street of Keystone, Nebraska.
The historic little church at Keystone. It has a Catholic altar at one end and a Protestant altar at the other end so early settlers could all enjoy services.
The "modern" Presbyterian church in Keystone.
Back on the Keystone-Sarben roads, some very cold ducks in a corn field.
The perfect signs showing an interesting drive is ahead.
Some cows enjoying a mid day meal in a sheltered spot along the road.
Not bad for the first road trip of 2015. I'm looking forward to many more to come. I hope you come along to share.


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