Winter Wednesday

Brrr! It's been almost too cold to get out and take pictures! That and a strong winter virus has kept me house bound! Thank goodness the Sutherland Reservoir is only a short drive away, and from the comfort of a warm pickup, a great place to take pictures!
There were lots of blackbirds sunning themselves in the bare branches.
Thousands of water birds taking advantage of the few open places left in the lake.
Lots of Bald Eagles taking advantage of the water birds! Even a lone pelican decided to fly by.
In the mist of the cooling pond, gulls were swooping.
A hawk was looking around to see small morsels of food stirring in the grass.
On the north shore, broken ice and wind had formed sculptures.
Lying flat on the ice to get that perfect shot didn't last long!
We disturbed a pelican who looks like he's tiptoeing across the ice to get airborne.
More beautiful ice sculptures piled on the shore.


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