Sandhills Driveabout 12-06-14

The weather is going to close in on us sooner or later, so we knew we had to take advantage of the mild days for a few last driveabouts of 2014. We went North of Sutherland, through Tin Camp, then on up to Highway 97, across to the west to the road that goes past Diamond Bar lake, then down the Sarben road and home.
Just north of the Birdwood, we scared up a fine looking buck that has survived the 2014 hunting seasons so far. Only Black Powder and maybe Archery to go and he'll be home free!
You can see he thought it was a race for survival.
Just south of the Glen Echo cemetery on the Sarben road stands this abandoned homesteader's shack.
We get all the way back to town and see three deer in the field just east and a little north of our house. So much for driving far afield to spot wildlife.


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