Lincoln County Driveabout 12-13-14

 A creative farmer making motorists smile on the Paxton-Elsie road.
 More of the artwork.
 The graves of Fred and Otto Creek in the Lincoln County Frontier Cemetery. Aged 15 and 16, they died within five years of each other.
 Can you see me? Mulies in the grass.
 The grave of Annie Nordquist, died in 1899, aged 25 years.
 And next to Annie, the grave of Albin, son of Simon and Annie Nordquist, died in 1895, aged 8 weeks.
 Cliff swallow nests on a bridge over the NPPD canal west of the Sutherland Reservoir. In the background, Gerald Gentleman Power Station and a Union Pacific coal train.
The coal train on its siding.
A beautiful Platte River valley barn, between Paxton and Sutherland, Nebraska.


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