Newspaper Clippings

From a 1943 issue of the North Platte Telegraph that my mom found while cleaning her house.

U.P. Employees Give $116.73 to Canteen

The Union Pacific Employees of the roundhouse, shop, store and car departments donated $116.73 to the Canteen today. The Women's Salvage workers, of Valentine, sent a check for $25. Mrs. F.A. Ekstrom also donated cash and $1.65 was collected from the Canteen jar.

The Free Mission Church of Gothenburg, the North Platte Presbyterian women and the Hall Helpers club are furnishing the food and serving today.

Forty women are with the Gothenburg group and, in addition to $42.00 cash, they contributed 11 pounds of butter, 23 cakes, 14 pounds of coffee, nine chickens, 78 dozen cookies, 28 dozen rosettes, seven quarts of cream, 30 dozen cupcakes, three loaves of coffee bread, fruit, 39 dozen doughnuts, 20 dozen eggs, 250 magazines, five quarts of mayonnaise, seven quarts of pickles, five dozen rolls, nine dozen kringlers, three loaves of homemade rye bread, three sheet cakes and a towel.

The Hall Helpers Club donated 20 dozen doughnuts, sheet cakes, cookies, pickles, birthday cakes and magazines. Eight women are serving.

Magazines were given by Walter Carland, William Vollmer, Mrs. Chandler Wilson, Dalton community, John Varpahl and Mrs. Charles Leth.

The Congregational Ladies Aid of Springview gave birthday cakes and the American Legion, Alice L. Dirks gave cookies. Mary Durand of Ogallala donated cigarets and Mrs. J.B. Redfield gave cigarets and magazines. Books were given by Eleanor Wheeler and the Trinity Lutheran Church, of Hershey contributed 20 New Testaments.


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