Highline Elevators

I had the good fortune of being able to take the back roads from Elwood to North Platte last week. We had purchased a quarter of beef and I picked it up from the locker plant in Elwood on my way home from Kearney delivering a Social Media workshop to the Nebraska Concrete and Aggregates Association. It was a beautiful winter afternoon, with the sun nearly right to get some good photos. Below is the grain elevator in Eustis, Nebraska.

Below is the grain elevator in Farnam.

Highway 23, which joins all of these communities, is known as the "Highline". According to this historical marker just outside of Moorefield, it was originally the Burlington Highline which followed the divide between the Platte and Republican rivers, connecting the communities of Holdrege, Nebraska to Sterling, Colorado.

The last elevator before I rejoined Highway 83 north to North Platte was in Maywood.


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