Crane Viewing

A recent sunrise heading into Hershey, Nebraska to do some crane watching - and other wildlife, too as you'll see.
 Just north of Hershey, a couple of coyotes skulking through the meadow.
 A couple of deer making a quick exit.
 And the cranes!
 Flock after flock rising into the sunrise.
 After flock!
 An abandoned rail car on a rural road between Hershey and North Platte.
 Can you imagine the day when this was still rolling down the track?
 Snow Geese are abundant during the spring migration, too.
 Very abundant!
 As are Canada Geese.
 With one lone Snow Goose seeming out of place.
 And more Sandhill Cranes!
 In flight.
 More dancing.
 Landings and takeoffs.
The spring migration is nearly past for another year. I didn't get out and about nearly as much as I would have liked. How does March get so busy? I hope, wherever you are, that you got out to enjoy the beauty around you.


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