Incompatible Goals

I have set for myself a number of goals that are proving to be incompatible.

First, now that I have had the final surgery on my foot and can walk with a minimum of pain, I have vowed to lose these extra pounds I have put on over the past year of inactivity.

I also want to get into better shape and be healthier. Sitting is the new smoking, you know! I do my best to get up every few minutes and walk around.

But, I've also vowed to post more regularly to my blog more often, AND, my daughter has gotten me hooked on genealogy! The good news is, I have tracked down those elusive Irish ancestors of mine. The bad news, talk about time consuming! I find myself sitting for longer at a time than I have ever done!

My other goals are to have more adventures, which is getting off to a slow start, and to be more a prolific photographer, which this cold weather hasn't helped any!

So, bear with me, as I figure out how to balance all of these incompatible goals.


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