Sandhills January 3, 2014

Yesterday it reached an almost-unheard of 61 degrees here in western Nebraska. We took advantage of the beautiful day to road north about 30 miles with our tools to put the plastic on my grandparents' homestead cabin windows. We should have done it LONG ago, but just never managed it. Better late than never. It was such an amazing day that it reenergized us to get this project finished. It would be wonderful to be able to come up here and spend the weekend in comfort, yet roughing it.
On the way home, we caught this herd of Mule Deer. They were contentedly grazing, and we had to whistle at them to get them to look up and pose for photos.
Mule Deer
There were some great bucks in the herd. I'm not positive, but I think the majority of the antler deer seasons are over, so these bucks should be around to make trophies next fall.
 What adventures are you planning?


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