Preparing for Adventure

My New Year's Resolution is to have more adventures. It's hard to have adventures if you're not prepared for them. We are both in our 50's and all of the kids are gone, yet we still find the most dreaded words in the English language are "What's for dinner? If we want to play, and not go to the expense of eating out or buying pizza at the grocery store, I decided to get prepared for adventures.

I searched websites like Six Sisters, Moms with Crockpots, Moms Fabulous Finds to find easy, simple crockpot freezer meals.

I picked out twelve meals, made my grocery list and went shopping. When I got home I labeled my ziploc bags and called it a day. The next day I began cooking.

In just under three hours, I had a dozen crockpot meals prepped and in the freezer. I had also planned to have meat loaf the night before, so I made extra of those too and I also have three meatloafs and three pans of cheesy potatoes as well.

Now, with just a little foresight, all we have to do is remember to thaw out a meal and get it in a crockpot before we head out for an adventure and we'll be able to enjoy a hot meal when we make it back home.

Here is a list of the recipes I prepared. You can find the actual recipes on the websites I linked above:

Teriyaki Pork Chops
Pork Carnitas
Sausage & Peppers
Cilantro Lime Chicken
Maple Dijon Glazed Chicken
French Dip Sandwiches
Chicken Cacciatore
Black Bean Taco Soup
Beef Tips & Gravy
BBQ Spare Ribs
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
Pepper Steak

I spent $211 at the grocery store, made all of the above plus the meatloaf and purchased two marinated pork loins that were on sale. All in all, 17 meals for about $12 apiece. Not necessarily a bargain, but considering it's just the two of us and each meal has plenty for lunches the next day, I'm satisfied.

Now to plan the adventures!


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