Let the Resolutions Begin!

What would New Years Day be without resolutions? I'm fortunate in that I have had a week and a half of PTO to reflect and think about how I would like my New Year to shape up.

Have you seen those "year in review" posts coming across your Facebook timelines? Facebook conveniently puts together everyone's most momentous posts of the past year. I shudder to think how they do this, but I'm sure there's an algorithm for that. Anyway, if you've read through your friends' or maybe did one yourself, did you notice that there weren't any posts about how many hours you spent at work or how much time in front of the television?

Taking that lesson to heart (though I believe in working hard and giving to my job 100% - after all, I've got the best job in the world!), I resolve to make the most of 2014!

Having not "grown up" until I turned 50 - and my definition of growing up is finally understanding who I am and having the courage to pursue my own interests, I have a lot of catching up to do.

When I was 50, I made the resolution to have more fun.

Now that I'm 52 (and nearly 100% recovered from the unfortunate accident that has kept me sidelined for a year and a half), my resolution is to have more adventures!

I'm off to a good start, having recently begun negotiations to purchase an RV so we can start experiencing that lifestyle, a week from today, I embark with my mom on an epic train trip to California to hug on that beautiful granddaughter once again, and my husband and I have our first-ever trip to Jamaica scheduled for April. Not bad.

Of course, along the way, I want to recommit to this blog. Thought I posted a lot in 2013, I'm not satisfied with the quality of the posts. I want to get both more personal and more in-depth in sharing the Nebraska Outback with my readers. I'd like to be a more dedicated photographer and hone my skills in that area.

Personally, I need to be more caring and thoughtful and am even toying with reconnecting with organized religion, though maybe just supporting my local church financially will suffice for that. I'd also like to spend the year decluttering (The Clark homestead features not only our house and attached garage, but three large outbuildings that are overflowing with too much stuff).

And I have the obligatory wish to get in shape and lose weight! Eighteen months with only the slightest exercise has taken a toll on my girlish figure and I want to stay healthy and strong for all those adventures!

That's a lot of pressure to put on 2014! We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by... the coffee is always on.


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