The last day of 2013

It's not very many winter days that see 50 degrees, so it is quite an occasion that on this New Year's Eve, we had a beautiful day with plentiful sunshine and not much wind.

It was too gorgeous to pass up, so I decided for a hike along the wall of Sutherland Reservoir.

 Many locals don't even know that the Wall, built around the Sutherland Reservoir when it was constructed, is as much public property as is the shoreline and camping areas.
The top of the wall is flat and smooth, and the hard packed earth makes for good walking. I think it would even make for good biking if you have anything other than the skinny road tires. NPPD uses the top to inspect the wall and reservoir, so there is a trail road, and they mow it a few times a year. It is however, for the general public, foot and bicycle traffic only - nothing motorized.

The wall is completely uninterrupted from the Oregon Trail Golf Course to the Inlet, it's removed from Highway 25 by at least a quarter of a mile, and the scenery is spectacular.

I walked from the Inlet to the boat ramp, which is about a mile and a half (the black stars on the above map), so all told I got in a three mile walk today! I'm guessing that from the Golf Course to the Inlet would be about three miles.
As I rested near the boat ramp, I saw a young family walking their dog on the beach and could hear the roar of dirt bikes coming from the ATV park just to the north. Lots of folks enjoying the beautiful weather.
If you should need to use the facilities, and can make the climb down the wall, there is a vault toilet at the boat ramp.

It is my intention to make much better use of the wall in the coming year. I'm glad I had a wonderful day to "get my feet wet" as it were and give it a try before the end of 2013.

Now for an evening at the Windy Gap with friends and we'll ring in 2014. Happy New Year!


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