The road to recovery

Last Wednesday, I took what I hope will be the last step in my recovery from that unfortunate "accident" in July of 2012 that resulted in a crushed heel.

You might remember... after a wonderful day of tanking on the North Platte River, I celebrated in a way I had done hundreds of times before, by jumping off of the river bridge into the water. Unfortunately, the water channel had changed and I hit a shallow sand bar rather than the deep hole I was aiming for.

It was two weeks before I could even have surgery, then another twelve weeks no-weight bearing, then several more months in a boot and in physical therapy learning how to walk again.

This past July at my one-year check up, I was told that I had progressed as far as I could expect. The pain, stiffness, swelling and the ability to predict storms was going to remain where it was. My only hope of further recovery would be to have the hardware removed.

So after clearing my schedule for a couple of weeks, last Wednesday, I underwent the surgery to take out eight pins and a titanium plate.
It doesn't look like much, but I am very happy to have it all out.

Right now I am in the very uncomfortable stage of recovery. In pain, using a cane and a walking boot. It's been a long year and a half, and I hope to quickly move beyond this stage and get back to walking and hiking with less pain.

Here's looking toward a more productive coming year!


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