Haunted Sutherland - for a good cause

Like many small towns across America, the Legion Hall is a center of activity.
Sutherland's Otto V Johnson American Legion Hall has been vital to Sutherland for many years. It has seen wedding receptions, graduation parties, birthdays, dances, household auctions, community meals for as long as anyone can remember.
As can be seen from the above photo taken in 1961, not much has changed at the Legion Hall in many years. It is sadly in need of updating. Recently, Sutherland farmer and rancher Frank Fleecs donated more than $30,000 to upgrade the heating and air conditioning in the building.
Now, more needs to be done, such as expanding the bathrooms and kitchen. The Sutherland Growth Committee has been hosting a series of fundraisers, as have the American Legion and Auxiliary.
Most recently was the "Sutherland Museum of Horrors" over Halloween. More than 30 volunteers spent countless hours cleaning out the basement and stage, constructing the museum, decorating the exhibits and staffing it during the "tours."
Everyone had a great time, and there were all levels of spookiness and fun. Things the little ones could enjoy and more advanced scares for the bravest among the visitors.
It all went for a good cause, raising more than $2,500.00.

All told, if everyone had simply donated the dollars they spent on all of the decorations, we probably would have been money ahead, but we wouldn't have had nearly so much fun!

Plan on seeing the event again next Halloween, bigger and better than ever!


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