History on the Map

I have had the good fortune this past week to accompany the curator of the Lincoln County Historical Museum on a trek through Lincoln County to map all of our historic markers. We've cataloged and photographed them. I'm not anywhere near done mapping them, but here is the start:

As you can see, there are an incredible number of historical markers traversing Lincoln County. Nearly all commemorate some aspect of our westward expansion - the Oregon Trail, Mormon Trail, Pony Express, Lincoln Highway, etc. There are a few others, and some National Historic sites as well, which will be added in time.

When it's completed, the inventory will be live on the Visit North Platte website, at www.VisitNorthPlatte.com.

Here are some we found:

Cottonwood Springs Pony Express Station

Jack Morrow Road Ranch (He was a real rascal!)
Dorsey's, Dansey's, Elkhorn - this station had a number of names.

Mormon Trail monument and ruts north of Sutherland

Child's grave from the Mormon Trail
Lots more will follow. This project will make discovering the history of Lincoln County and our place in the history of the expansion of America much easier.


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