Palisade, Nebraska

We had the privilege of making a delivery run for Seifer Farms Chickens the other day, the only one we've had a chance to do this summer, it's been that busy!

Our route took us south of Sutherland on Highway 25 to Palisade, then across on Highway 6 through Wauneta, on to Imperial and north to Grant and then back home. It was a beautiful drive!

There's a little 25A cutoff from Highway 25 that takes you into Palisade from the north. It is so picturesque coming down from the hills into the valley of the Frenchman River.

Downtown Palisade is one of the cutest little rural Nebraska towns you can imagine. I've always been amazed when we come through the town that there always seems to be some kind of activity.
It's not to say that the small community hasn't fallen on hard times, though. We always tried to time our visit so we could eat at the cut little community-run cafe on main street. Sadly, on this trip, we found out that it had been closed.

Are you looking for a change of pace? Want to get out of unsafe, stressful metro areas for a rural community? Palisade, Nebraska just might be the place for you.
We spoke to a retired gentleman during our last stop. He said that several years ago he was asked to list ALL of the buildings on Palisade's main street for sale - at a price of $5,000 each! Sadly, there weren't any takers and they were taken off the market. That doesn't mean that they wouldn't be available if someone inquired!

Across from the business district downtown is their Veterans Memorial.
There isn't a school in Palisade any more. The consolidated Wauneta-Palisade school district is just nine miles away in the equally cute community of Wauneta.

You can tell the community of Wauneta cares about the quality of life of its residents by the park it maintains.
It is adjacent to the swimming pool, picnic area, tennis courts, ball fields and a walking path.

I really think rural Nebraska is a viable alternative for folks who can telecommute or conduct their business online or via mail order. You might consider the wonderful quality of life and affordability in these rural communities. It's worth thinking about!


  1. Thanks. Enjoyed the pics, especially the first one. Get off the interstate and there are these wonderful roads through small towns in Nebraska. I like Hwy 34 between Lincoln and Grand Island and Hwy 2 from Grand Island out through the Sandhills to the Panhandle. Also 281 that runs north and south through Grand Island. You can follow 6 west all the way across the country to where I live in California.


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