Mission Sutherland

It was the brainchild of Sutherland Presbyterian Minister Karen Woo. Why send mission teams "out" to remote locations when there is work to be done in our own home town? She partnered with the other churches in town and created Mission Sutherland.
One of the projects is painting this historic building on Main Street. It dates from 1911 and has been vacant for nearly twenty years. The team solicited suggestions from the Village of Sutherland Board of Trustees for projects, then the Village Board contacted the owner, who is unable to complete repairs himself. He gave permission and the volunteers went to work.
Another team is putting up hand rails and a new sidewalk at a nearby home. Over the years the sidewalk has sunk below the level of the street and in the winter time there is an icy pond right at the bottom of this woman's stairs. Now she'll have a safe way to make it out to the street.
Elsewhere a team (pictured above and below) is creating a handicapped ramp and replacing the sub floor in a room in this mobile home.
Later in the afternoon they will visit the homes of several elderly ladies where they'll be washing their windows inside and out. Saturday, they'll undertake to clear a property of downed trees and brush, and fill in some holes in the ground, making it possible for the elderly homeowner to once again walk her property.

Kudos to this forward-thinking woman for spearheading this project, and to the dedicated volunteers for rolling up their sleeves and doing the work.


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