High water on the North Platte

Over the long 4th of July weekend, we have kayaked from Paxton to the Hershey Check on the North Platte river - of course, we did it in three separate trips, some sections of the river more than once.
On Sunday, we made our final trek, from the historic Sutherland State-Aid Bridge to the Hershey Check. As you can see this is a beautiful bridge. It was built in 1914, and is now in danger of being torn down after the county department of roads replaces it.
Often times this section of river is mostly sand with only a small channel running through it, but as you can see, it is currently running high. It was a joy to kayak under this beautiful bridge.
We haven't been over this section of river in years and it was lots of fun to see the new scenery. Here a mullein plant makes a pretty picture with driftwood in the background.
Above is a beautiful wild grape vine growing on the headgates adjacent to the Birdwood Creek where it enters the North Platte River. 
See what the river looks like when it's dry? This section of river is closed by the headgates of the Birdwood Creek.
An entire island of wild flowers. The river was flowing so fast that I didn't get nearly enough pictures of the beautiful scenery on the trip. It was fun just to float and enjoy friends.
The tree in the background is pretty. Beautiful green with delicate pink/purple flowers. The problem is, it's an invasive species - a Salt Cedar. Over time, just like the Russian Olive and Phragmites, they can grow to choke out the native vegetation. And, just like those other plants, were first introduced as ornamental trees/shrubs by homeowners. Shame on them!


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