Staying in touch in the 21st century - the cyber baby shower

My daughter will be giving birth on May 25 (or thereabouts) in California - a long way from the Nebraska Outback. Her family here hasn't been able to share in any of the pregnancy fun, but we did host a cyber baby shower for her yesterday!

About six weeks ago I sent out invitations to all of her friends and family scattered all over the US - and the world. They contained information about her gift registries, notepaper to send her advice and wishes for the new baby, plus a stamped envelope to send them all to her. And to make things easier for her, an envelope for guests to address to themselves for her thank-yous.

Gifts began arriving from Target, Amazon, Babies R Us, local craft shows and lots of other places, plus her mail box was filled with the cards.

Yesterday, we gathered from all over the country - Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, California and two locations in Nebraska in a Google Hangout to see her progress, share the notes and watch her open the presents.

Here in my home, the aunts, great grandmas and cousins enjoyed punch and cupcakes, just as if we were at a "real" baby shower, all while watching the mom-to-be on the television in our living room.

It's distressing to know the new baby will grow by leaps and bounds in between my visits with her, but at least we can keep in touch almost like being there. After posting all of those history stories in my Sunday Story series, I can't imagine what it would have been like back in the day to say goodbye to your kids as they emigrated to far away places, never to see them or hear their voice again.

Thank goodness for modern technology!

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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