One community's answer to endangered building

This news story seriously brought tears to my eyes when I saw it on KNOP-TV last night.

Middle schoolers in Lexington, Nebraska recognized the need for a theater in their town (remember the complaint... there's nothing to do here?) and are doing something about it. After the nearly 100 year old theater closed four years ago, going out to the movies meant a drive of 30 or more minutes. Rather than complain and wring their hands, as many of us oldsters would do, these young people decided to take action.

They are putting their own time, elbow grease and hard work into renovating the building. The project won't be done until they are seniors, when many of them will leave Lexington for higher education or careers, but they'll leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Kudos to them! Now, if they would just start a Kickstarter campaign for us all to donate to...


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