Weekend Drive

Weekend drives have been few and far between lately, so I've got to share them with you when they come along! We took the back roads through Sarben and on to Keystone, then around Lake McConaughy. We saw these two beautiful swans on a little seep just off the Sarben-Paxton road.

Along the Nevens road, which runs from Paxton to Keystone, we saw this large bunch of nests in a tree claim beside the road. Though we've taken this drive numerous times, it has mostly been in the summer when the trees were fully leafed out, so we didn't notice the nests. Our plan is to make this trip more often so we can see just what kind of nests those are.

Closer to Keystone, we made time to take a picture of this building we passed before. It looks very industrial, yet kind of art-deco. It looks as if it's been converted to grain storage, and of course the windows are boarded up. We're also going to make it a goal of ours to try to find out why it was built and when.

It's good to have goals!
We finally make it to the eagle viewing spot at Lake Ogallala, and there's not much to see. There are generally dozens of bald eagles here and lots of other waterfowl, but today was pretty quiet. We'll have to make another trip back.

But we did notice lots of those nests in the trees next to the lake here.
It was a beautiful, if cold day, with not a breath of wind. The reflections on Lake McConaughy were very pretty.
Now, just in case you are wondering how we survive on these back road trips that are often far from any "facilities", I just wanted to show you that, we have that covered. It may be cold, and you may have to park just right for any semblance of privacy, but at least the seat is comfortable.
And on that note, I'll close this blog post.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee's always on.


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