Snowy Scenery

Somehow over the months, I've forgotten the joy of photographing the sights of my rural home to share with you here. I suppose there's just so many places to post things, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest... that I forget where it all started - this blog!

A beautiful soft snow was falling a few days ago, and I knew exactly where I wanted to go. This barn has long fascinated me and it's situated just right to make early morning pictures interesting. It was beautiful, if very sad, in the falling snow.
Along the way, there were other sights to be seen, such as this herd of buffalo weathering their storm in a pasture, waiting for the farmer to bring them their hay.
And a mama cow and her baby, snug in the trees of the North Platte River enjoying the snow.
These two ponies made a picturesque scene with the backdrop of falling snow.
This steer (bull? I didn't look closely) stopped mid-chew to wonder just what this lady was up to. See the hay hanging out of his mouth?
A single buffalo waiting out the storm.
Back in North Platte, the Hershey Depot at the Cody Park Railroad Display looks as if passengers would be walking down the platform just any minute.
The largest locomotive ever made, the 6900 series (two locomotives in one) is on display at the Cody Park Railroad Museum.
As is the Challenger Steam Locomotive - the only one on static public display. During the summer, when the display is open, you can climb aboard both and sit in the engineers seat.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee's always on.


  1. Sad barn indeed. The type of thing I'd love to turn into an art center!

  2. This one might be too far gone to save, but there are literally HUNDREDS around here that haven't reached that stage yet, and all are worth saving.

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