Christmas Scenery

Christmas Day was actually very quiet. We had celebrated over the weekend as that was the time all the kids could be home, so the only thing left was a Christmas tree with nothing underneath it.
We took a drive in the afternoon and were pleasantly surprised to see dozens of eagles out at the Sutherland Reservoir.
Hundreds of bald eagles overwinter in the area and can be seen over our local rivers and lakes. There are formal viewing sites near Ogallala and Lexington, but if you're content to weather the cold, the Sutherland Reservoir is a good choice.
North of Sutherland, the North Platte River only has small channels left unfrozen. The area around North Platte and further west, west of Lake McConaughy, there are flood warnings due to ice jams. It can be beautiful, though.
Not much wildlife other than the eagles on this trip, but cows and horses make pretty pictures in the snowy landscape.
Eagles can be seen along the North Platte River as well.
And always, Union Pacific Railroad is out there "building America", or in this case, transporting coal to keep us all warm anyway.

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