Sunday Stories: The first Applegate in Sutherland

From the archives of the Sutherland Centennial Book, published in 1991.

George W. Applegate

James Harvey Applegate, the second son of John Applegate (born 1784) was born in 1807, in Allegheney County, Pennsylvania and moved with his family to Montgomery County, Indiana when he was nine years old. He was orphaned at the age of eleven and bound out to a local farmer, and was on his own again at the age of fifteen. He married Raumy French in 1822. They settled in Marion County, Iowa and were the parents of seven children. He died in 1840.

George Washington Applegate, the fourth child of James and Raumy was born in Montgomery County, Indiana, September 10, 1834. He was the first Applegate in the Sutherland community, moving here in 1887.

George married Mary Jane Freeman, and together they had one child. Mary Jane, as did the child, who was scalded to death by pulling a pan of boiling water off of a stove onto itself.

Battle of Shiloh by Thure de Thulstrup.
He then married Mary Jane Palin in Fountain County, Indiana on January 29, 1857. Mary was born near Attica, Indiana. They started out from Indiana with a three month old baby, James Harvey, in a team and wagon. Due to heavy rains and mud, they were forced to abandon the wagon at Jacksonville, Illinois, and continue the trip on horseback. Upon arrival at Marion County, Iowa, he doubled up with his brother, Philander, until he had secured a house and land of his own.

George was a life-long farmer. When the Civil War broke out, George became a soldier for the North. He served with the Thirty Third Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company I in July of 1862, where he served for three years. He was a teamster, hauling army supplies with a team and wagon. George fought at Shiloh on the Tennessee River; Yazoo Pass near Vicksburg; and Ste. Helena. He was honorably discharged at Fort Montgomery, Alabama, Company E, Reg. 33, Iowa Infantry, July 1865, after the war was over. He traveled back to Marion County, Iowa where he lived and continued to farm until 1887.

A typical Nebraska homestead in 1887
He came to Lincoln County, Nebraska in the spring of 1887, acquired a farm by homestead rights. The family successfully engaged in agricultural pursuits and the ranch and stock business until his death on February 12, 1910 at the age of 75 years. He simply did not wake up one morning. He is buried at the Sutherland Riverview Cemetery.


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