Changing from the inside out

What an absolutely tragic time in America today, made all the more so because of the senselessness of an attack against innocent kindergarten children.

I've heard all of the arguments for gun control, against gun control, for greater mental health services, to bring God back into the schools, for limits on movie and video game violence. I'm sorry that these discussions have started so soon after this tragedy when it is a time for grief and reflection. It's not that they don't have merit, it's just that they also have a time and a place.

Individually we may not have the power to bring about great political change. We can however, change America from the inside out.

My friend, David Bernard-Stevens had this to say: It's not up to "others" somewhere out there to do something. It is up to each of us to decide to do something more to support another person, and then another. Over time, this individual effort by thousands will become millions and our nation will change from the inside out. That is where true change comes from... us. So what are we going to do today (right now) to change how we treat and support others in need.

In business it's called customer service. In life it's called being a caring, thoughtful, generous human being.

God bless those who are hurting today. When you look into someone's eyes, you don't know whether or not that person is hurting, but if you treat them nice, whether they are or they aren't, you'll make the world a better place for them.

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  1. Kind of like sharing a pizza with strangers on a road trip. Right?

  2. Right Linda! And being willing to stop at a stranger's home during a road trip. Our son is living at home right now prior to purchasing his own home. He's very uncomfortable with the whole couch-surfing thing. I can't wait to get started again once we have the house to ourselves again. I miss meeting wonderful folks like you.


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