Three Alarm Fundraiser

Nebraskans are nothing if not creative

The fire departments of Paxton, Sutherland and Hershey have responded to hundreds of fire calls and rescues in 2012. They've supplied mutual aid whenever it was needed across the state. Now they need some help.

You have two opportunities to win one of these massive sets of horns to grace the wall of your hunting cabin or man cave! These Watusi are more than 10 years old and the horn spans top 10 - 12 feet! They've lived long and extremely non-productive lives, having no purpose other than to mystify drivers along the country roads south of Sutherland. In their death, they can make a contribution of $$ into the budgets of our local volunteer fire departments, which have saved countless human lives and homes through their valiant efforts.
Raffle tickets are $20 for the chance to win a complete Watusi cow - 1,000+ pounds of meat (probably best if made into burger!) and a skull with 10-12' horn span. What you do with it is up to you!

A $5 raffle ticket will give you the chance to win a skull with horns, ready for the taxidermist. You have to make arrangements for shipping.

100% of proceeds will be divided equally between the volunteer fire departments of Paxton, Sutherland and Hershey.

Message me if you're interested in purchasing some tickets and we'll make arrangements for the transaction. You've got to hurry, though! The drawing is on the 17th of November, so it's coming up FAST!
Update: Prize drawing items for the November 17 dinner and dance include:
  • Cash Prizes
  • Baskets from Robin Peterson and Sherry Seifer, Rafter 7S
  • A Trickle Charger from Becker Auto Parts
  • A pair of Leather Gloves from Kildare Lumber
  • A Nebraska Windsock from Sutherland Industries
  • A gift certificate from Hair We R
  • A football t-shirt from Courtney Harold of Court's Candles
  • Seifer Farms Fresh Chicken and Smoked Chicken
  • Michael Forsberg coffee table books "Great Plains" and "On Ancient Wings"

  • More being donated before event
Grand Prize - red ticket - a live Watusi steer, hoof, hide and horns, (approximately 1000 lbs dressed weight). Blue ticket grand prize - head and horns, suitable for mounting.

Musicians planning to perform include: Butch Kiger, Kurt Wareham and Friends, Maynard Zipf, Rascal Martinez, Jake Cox, Taylor Staggs and possibly more.


If you wish to participate in music performance, contact Butch Kiger at 530-6419. If you have a door prize donation, contact Ray Seifer at 386-8962 If you wish to help with the meal (salad, casserole or dessert) or at the ticket table, contact Trenda Seifer at 386-8697.

The 3-Alarm Fundraiser will be held Saturday, November 17 at the Sutherland Legion Hall. A meal, featuring "Scotty-Q'd" Watusi Beef, beans, side dishes and desserts from some ladies in our local communities, beginning at 6:00pm.

If you want to see just how valiant these men and women are, check out this slide show of the recent Korty fire. Though they were fighting in 60+ mile an hour wind, you'll see time after time how they made a stand and saved a home. Thanks for stopping by. The coffee's always on.


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