What's the matter with Nebraska?

Except for some small deviations of theme to discuss Deadliest Catch, Dirty Jobs or some of my travels to places other than Nebraska, this blog is pretty much about everything that makes Nebraska great, and though I sometimes don't post as often as I should, there is never any lack of subject matter.

A friend brought the following article to my attention recently:

What’s the matter with Nebraska?

Forget Article IV of the Constitution! Isn't it about time we stop pretending that all states are created equal?

It's an excerpt from a book entitled "ME the People" by Kevin Bleyer. I wouldn't want to use this blog as a way to give Mr. Bleyer any publicity for such an undeserving project, but as long as you do NOT rush out to buy his book, I haven't done any harm to this great state or any of the others he denigrates by bringing this to your attention.

To minimize the risk of an accusation of copyright infringement by overzealous lawyers over at Salon, I'll just give you a few brief quotes - and encourage you to read the original article for yourself.

"There are more Americans in prison than in Nebraska... What's the difference?"
"Nebraska... feels like a punishment for a crime."
"It's also a lifesucking leech on our body politic."
Enough of that. Let's move on to someone who had really gotten the chance to know Nebraska, and has come to love it!

Alan Wilkinson is a Brit (you can follow him on twitter at @SandhillsBrit), who has made fifteen road trips across Nebraska since 1991, logging more than 40,000 miles (some of them on bicycle). Most recently he spent six months in a cabin on the Niobrara River. He has taken the TIME to get to know our great state and her people.

The Red House On The Niobrara
An account of his travels and impressions of Nebraska has been collected into this e-book (available on Amazon) for a very modest price. I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase it and download it to your Kindle, Nook or what ever e-reader you use.

That is the sentiment Nebraska imprints on people who take the time to do more than mindlessly drive across our beautiful state on I-80.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


  1. I still think about the week we spent in Nebraska last year. I'm sure we'll be back again.


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