Slated for Demolition

You may recall that I previously posted about the primary election which was held in Nebraska on May 15. On the ballot in Sutherland were two propositions that would allow the Village to enact a 1% city sales tax, with half used for infrastructure and half for economic development. It was not only defeated, but went down in flames at about a 3-1 margin.

 Those people who voted no are more interested in saving pennies than saving their town. The building pictured below, which I photographed in an attempt to sway voters to vote yes, has been condemned, deeded over to the village and is slated for demolition.
An economic development friend of mine says she has seen buildings in a more derelict state than this one be saved - by a community that has the drive and will to devote resources to saving instead of tearing down. It will take tax dollars to demolish this building... would that money be better spent in stabilizing it and seeking a developer that could transform it into a tax generator - property, sales, income - rather than a tax drain?

That's my soap box for the day.

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  1. sorry that had to happen...don't you just wonder where people's heads are at?
    A question for husband and I will going through your area this summer (August)on our way to Estes Park, Colorado. We are thinking that the North Platte area might be a good stopping point for a night's rest. Can you recommend a hotel along the interstate that is reasonably priced, but clean above everything else!?!?
    Have a good day...I enjoy your blog!
    Cindy in Fremont

  2. Do you know exactly what the building needs to be "stabilized?"

  3. Cindy - The Super 8 motel in North Platte is run very well. If you like little mom and pops, the Husker Inn (downtown, about 5 minutes north of the Interstate) gets rave reviews. The Oak Tree is also another good choice. For the pricier ones, Hampton, Fairfield, Holiday Inn Express and Quality Inn are good choices.

  4. Aesthetic Elevator - For stabilization, there is some facade repair needed, my understanding is that one of their worries is that it will come crashing to the sidewalk one of these days. There is also roof repair needed as it's leaking. For renovation, pretty much everything from top to bottom - should be gutted, then new roof, insulation, heating/air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, windows, etc.

  5. Yes, it was deeded over to the city when the owners determined they wouldn't be able to afford the reno.

  6. I am sorry to report that this building was demolished this past week.


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