Tree Huggers

It's only right for the state that brought us Arbor Day that trees are such an important part of our ecosystem.

The early pioneers on their way to California and Oregon found no trees in the Platte River Valley, and there were few trees in all of Nebraska. The poor pioneers used "buffalo chips" to light their fires at night, and settlers built their houses out of sod.
Above is a tree near Potter's Pasture that has been used for winter feeding by an Opossum. That just looks weird... how about Possum.

Now we have the largest hand-planted National Forest in the U.S. and the red cedars that choke the canyons are considered a nuisance.
Trees are an important habitat for wildlife. Above is a Heron Rookery just south of Jeffrey Lake.
I don't know if there has always been as much Beaver damage along the route of the Platte River that we generally kayak, but our March 31, 2012 trip revealed that there are definitely some "busy beavers" out there now.
Just look at the size of some of those trees they have been tackling! I also have countless pictures of smaller ones that they had actually managed to topple. I guess it's one way to clear out the excess trees.

Thanks for stopping by. Go out and enjoy your coffee under some shade.


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