Sandhills Morning

Sunday morning promised to be clear and cold. At 6:30 after checking all of my social media outlets, I looked to the lightening sky in the east and decided to brave the cold for a photographic road trip.Sunrise found me parked by the side of Prairie Trace Road about ten miles north of Sutherland. A small cloud bank in the east obscured the sun briefly, but it soon broke through.
Nearer to the Birdwood Creek, the hoarfrost had developed spectacularly on the fences and roadside grasses. Until I stopped and looked closely, I had no idea how beautiful each individual "leaf" of frost was.
It is amazing to me how this beauty can develop overnight.
So beautiful and so delicate. And so easily missed as we speed right on past.
Further north, I reached my original destination, the valley of the Birdwood Creek. The beauty exceeded my expectations, as a heavy mist was rising from the stream and had settled into the valley.
The early morning sun reflecting off of the mist and the newly-fallen snow and sparkling in the hoarfrost coating the grasses made it a magical sight.
I headed back to the valley, then took North River Road to Birdwood Road and back north again, this time on gravel roads. The plows hadn't been through here, but enough traffic had broken through the drifts and packed down the snow that I had no trouble. About five miles north I came to the valley of the Birdwood, this time from a different vantage point.
Along the way I passed temporary corrals used to load out the calves in the fall built in a pasture. The snow had drifted very prettily through the boards.
This winter has almost been the one that wasn't, but I'm glad we got at least one heavy snow fall so we can enjoy all of the seasons.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee's always on.

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