Nebraska Seasons 2012

I am embarrassed that I only posted twice in January. Thank goodness it wasn't on my New Years resolution list to post more often - I would be disappointed to think that I had broken it already.

However, I do hereby resolve to post more! At least more than twice a month... which should easily be doable.

I have found a wonderful new vantage point for my "Through The Seasons" posts for 2012. Yes, I know I got sidetracked and didn't keep up with it in 2011, but with this beautiful new scene, I am very motivated to make it back there once a month.
This photo was taken at 9:00am CT on Birdwood Road looking south into the valley of the Birdwood creek.

Because of the weekend snow, it is difficult to make out the contours of the land and the variety of fauna - roadside grasses, prairie, trees, cornfield and marsh. However, as I continue with the monthly photographs, the beauty of this location should become apparent.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee's always on, and after a foray into the freezing morning to get this photograph it is absolutely essential!


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