Identity Crisis

I couldn't decide whether to title this post "Identity Crisis" or "Inferiority Complex". Either way, many Nebraskans suffer from it. Except possibly in the area of Cornhusker football. We've believed for so long that "there's nothing to do here" that we can't possibly imagine anything we have that people would actually want to come visit for.

The Nebraska Division of Travel and Tourism recently hosted the annual Agri/Eco Tourism workshop in North Platte (we'll be playing host again in 2013 on February 5 & 6). During Governor Heineman's welcome remarks at the opening luncheon, he mentioned the same thing. Many of us are our state's own worst enemy. Tourism is Nebraska's third largest industry (behind agriculture and manufacturing), and yet the stories we (residents and ex-pats alike) tell are about how we couldn't wait to get out of here as kids and there's nothing to do here now, and even *gasp* how much we hate it. (OK, I'll admit that I don't hear that last much in the circles I run in, but I hear stories about it being said.)
Whether you've just stumbled upon this blog or you've been a regular reader, you know that I don't suffer from an identity crisis OR an inferiority complex. I think Nebraska is the best state their is, from our well-managed government (except for the whole child-welfare fiasco, but surely our common sense will remedy that soon), to our low unemployment to the wonderful diversity in our landscape, our wide open spaces and our friendly people.

Here are a couple examples of previous blog posts:
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I could go on and on... and on and on. No matter where you turn, there is something amazing about Nebraska, and I intend to showcase tidbits of it here until the whole world knows.

If you're an ex-pat, repeat after me: I may live in (fill in your city of residence), but I'm FROM Nebraska! (feel free to ad-lib here about being proud of it, and it being the best place on earth).

If you live here, just smile and start listing everything great about calling Nebraska home. You'll find yourself going on and on.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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