Happy New Year

The house is quiet early on the morning of the first day of 2012, for the first time in about ten days. The two boys who are home are enjoying sleeping in after celebrating the coming of the new year.

Our holiday celebrations began on December 23 with the arrival of our daughter from California, marking the beginning of a gathering that would see all of us together for the first time in nine years.

The time went so fast, but we tried to make the most of it.

There was the great road trip into the Sandhills where we saw lots of scenery and wildlife.Then there was a visit to the homesteading cabin occupied by the kids' Great Grandparents.
We explored a bit of Sutherland, including Grandma Irene's First Street Fitness Center. And of course, there was the food! Our big celebration came on the 28th when all of the kids finally arrived. The meal marked the largest gathering of our kids and the Nebraska Outback side of the family in recent memory.We enjoyed our traditional holiday trip to Seifer Farms Sporting Clays to blow up some things.And we did some touristy things like visiting the Golden Spike Tower. And the Fort Cody Trading Post where we got some amazing gifts for the White Elephant exchange. It of course, was all over too quickly, but we did have time for one last drive to enjoy the beautiful Nebraska sunset.
With that foundation to build upon, 2012 is shaping up to be a wonderful year. Thank you for stopping by. Best wishes for an amazing 2012 from the Nebraska Outback. Stop by sometime... remember, the coffee is always on.


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